top 5 reasons you should start montessori at home today

Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Montessori at Home Today

With dozens of reasons why, let’s narrow it down to the top 5 reasons why you should consider raising your child with the Montessori philosophy 

1. Independence

We are all busy parents, I’m sure you are too, with laundry lists of to-do’s and activities it’s sometimes had to even take a full breath. Well here is your moment, let’s take a breath together and focus on this number one reason to raise your child the montessori way. Kid’s who grow up Montessori aligned often times gain more independence at an earlier age, freeing up you to sit back and watch them learn, instead of later having to attempt to force them to learn. A win for you and your child!

2. Attention Span

It’s no secret that kids who are raised Montessori aligned have longer attention spans and can more deeply focus on their work. By letting them explore and play deeper and more engaged your child will be able to focus longer on the things they want to and will get more out of that time. 

3. Excitement Around Learning

I don’t know about you, but I never liked being told when to learn about what topic. This really hampered my excitement about learning. Maybe you feel the same? With Montessori at Home our goal is to let our kids explore the topics and interests at their own pace, when the time comes. This encourages learning and makes learning more fun! 

4. Curiosity

Guiding children into stimulating toys and activities seems to spark more curiosity about the everyday world that surrounds them. Kids innate response to many things is to mimic, so when your little one watches you brush you teeth, for example, let them do it too! They want to mimic you, allowing them to fully engage in the activities they see you do encourages them to try more things! 

5. Well Mannered, Calm Children

I’m sure everyone’s goal is to raise a well mannered kid, but what I have seen from older kids who have grown up either at home or in a Montessori school is that they have a respect not only for other but also for themselves. Another goal is to let them explore what they need when they need and that leads to less temper tantrums and an overall more calm child (except when they are over tired! lol We still haven’t figured this one out yet) 

Bonus: Confidence Building

When we consider play as work and let them explore whatever sense they need when they need to and they are not taught it is wrong to be curious or interested in some other thing at this exact moment it gives kids the confidence they will need later in life to know that the path they are on is unique and there is nothing wrong with that. 

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